All our problems are not real problems …

May 27, 2013

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They are just symptoms of our problems.

We don’t solve symptoms, because that doesn’t help.

We must find the problems that caused the symptoms and then solve THAT problem.


For example –


  • Overweight is NOT the problem

It is the symptom of some problems we have.  It could be eating habit, sleep issue, work stress, lack of knowledge, not enough water, loneliness,  or other emotional pain, ……  or a combination of all of them.


Being stuck in an undesirable situation is NOT the problem, the problem lies within

  1. the beliefs we have,
  2. the way we think, the neuro-associations we have related to things or people
  3. our habitual ways of thinking and perceptions
  4. the actions we take or don’t take,
  5. the images we hold in our head


We need to look into these areas to find the source of our problems and fix them, so that the symptoms do not occur again.


How do we look into the source of these problems?

Here is one of the ways you can practice –

  1. We first acknowledge a problem or a disturbing emotion
  2. We relax and accept its message
  3. We use EFT to relax the stress and discomfort so that we can release them and look deeper into ourselves.
  4. When we see the truth, we will feel instant empowerment.  Because we have more information on the condition.
  5. Then we give us other alternatives to see the same problem.  That gives us even more empowerment.
  6. We tap into our inner wisdom and decide what we really want and find a course of action.
  7. We enjoy the outcome because we know it is attainable.
  8. We charge our positive emotions so that we step into positive actions immediately.


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