Herbalife as Visionaries!

What is the difference between an inventor and a visionary? An inventor merely creates something – a machine, a product, a certain item – to fill in a need or a want that will make life or daily living more convenient. A visionary is way beyond that. A visionary thinks beyond the potentials of that certain invention that he creates. He thinks of how it will affect the community, the economy and the world in general by that single creation that he makes.

That is what Herbalife is all about! They are visionaries with the products that they create. In the early 1980s when Herbalife was formed, they have already envisioned the “New World” that they will create. Their company first focused in the promotion of good health and well being. They created health products from natural and organic ingredients that contributed a lot to health maintenance. With the promotion of good health there are lesser incidences of people getting sick with dreaded diseases. Healthier people on the workforce increase the contribution to the successes of businesses and the growth of the economy.

Herbalife also focused their concern on the healthy lifestyle and well being of people. They created household consumer products that are cost efficient and environment friendly. People normally buy branded products based on familiarity and media promotion. What they don’t know is that in the long run the products they are purchasing are made from ingredients that can harm the environment and their bodies as well. This company eliminates the costs for marketing and focused more on improving their products to be made from biodegradable and chemical free ingredients. They used the strength of manpower via multilevel marketing in the promotion and selling of their products. By educating people into a lifestyle change, they veered people away from buying popular branded items into buying their own products which are by far healthier and safer to use.

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