How do we manage the way we feel about things?

The best way to do this is to change how we look at the world around us. When we manage to overhaul our perspectives, our conceptions and our predetermined opinions, how we feel about everything in life will change accordingly. When this happens, we will start doing things differently than we used to.


The source of our sentiments is often our opinions, or sometimes our conflicting principles and ways of thinking. Quite often we equate an event to many “meanings” which may or may not be true.  These meanings cause us to feel various emotions. Do you remember when you were a child, you went to movies with your parents.  Did you ask your parents – “Is he a good person or a bad person?”   That’s because when we could not understand what something means, we feel unsettled.  We don’t know where to place that thing or person; we don’t know how to feel about it.  So, we are always interpreting events so that we can put a “meaning” to it.  After we have the “meaning”, then we know how to “feel” about it.


As you can see, it is not the “event” or the “person” that causes us to “feel”, it is our own interpretation of it, the meaning we give to it, that creates our emotions. The same event can cause different meanings and emotions to different people.  With the different emotional fuel behind them, they will act differently.


Can you see why we CAN manage our emotions and feelings?


Now, how do we manage them so that our emotions work for us instead of against us? There are many ways to manage them. I find “EFT Tapping” the easiest way for me.


Please visit, find the emotion that bothers you, and follow the exercise. You will feel incredible relief and transformation.

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