How to Achieve Weight Gain the Natural Way

When I was young people used to call me “skinny as a reed”! I was twenty pounds lighter than my ideal weight then. I was very sickly and lethargic. As I grew older people still “ribbed” me of my poor weight. I didn’t grow to be that tall maintaining my height at 5’1″. I was always mistaken for a “little girl” with anorexia.

Now I would blame it on my poor genes why I was underweight and height deprived. My mom experimented on a lot of vitamins and weight gain products but just got frustrated with my lack of development. When I reached high school I became so self conscious that my body didn’t develop normally like the other kids in school. It felt like I was stuck in my elementary body forever! With that I tended to hide my insecurity behind my books. And thru reading a lot I discovered some things that improved my health!

There exists a standard of measures for your ideal weight. It corresponds with your ideal height for a given age and that varies among males and females. For example, my current height is at 5’1″. My ideal weight should be 110 pounds at my current age of 41. I am female and that is my benchmark for my physical wellness. Back then I was 90 pounds, several points underweight! I read further and discovered that gaining weight wasn’t as difficult as loosing weight! As long as you know the right weight you are trying to achieve, then the measures you take to meet this goal won’t be as mind boggling as it seems! First of all consult a health professional. You have to get a general check-up on your current health status. You might be loosing weight due to a physical illness that you don’t know off. Then once you are diagnosed ask for the right nutritional diet or a weight gain program from your medical practitioner. With the right diet, right exercise and nutritional supplements you’ll find a rapid increase in your weight! You’ll feel healthier and more energetic!

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