MLM Defined!

MLM simply means Multilevel Marketing. If you are unfamiliar with what it is Multilevel Marketing is the new IN business nowadays. It is a type of business opportunity that can provide a large potential of unlimited profits. You can do this type of business from home.

This type of business has been around for the past decades and has grown quite successfully making millionaires of some successful individuals. Several companies engaged in MLM have sprouted like mushrooms so you should be careful in choosing the companies that you would want to affiliate with. To give you a better idea of what this business is about here are the basics of how the whole system goes.

A company engaged in multilevel marketing is usually selling either a product or a service. To be affiliated with these companies you have to pay a certain fee to be able to join or enlist as a member of their organization. As a member you enjoy the privileges of being an accredited distributor or seller of their goods and services. For every sale that you make from their products you get a certain percentage of the profit. For some companies, there are incentive packages that entitle you to larger percentage cuts if you make bigger profits from your sales. If you’re not much of a sales person, MLM provides you with another opportunity to make money by recruiting people to do the selling for you. As a member you can recruit other people to join the organization. If you successfully enlist these people to join they are what you call your “down lines”. From your down lines you get a cut of their joining fees plus a percentage of their profit from their sales of goods and services. The more people you recruit the more chances you have of expanding your network. Ergo the more potential profit you can make!

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